Campus growth: building more spaces for students to live, learn, and collaborate

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Since the 2011 inauguration of campus, Ashesi has raised funds and successfully managed construction projects for additional dormitories, faculty housing, a health center, business incubator and an engineering workshop. We are humbled and deeply grateful to the visionary donors who supported those projects.

For Ashesi to increase our impact and serve more students, we need to build more classrooms, labs, student housing and collaborative spaces. Our immediate priorities are to raise funds for the construction of a Learning & Research Lab and additional student housing.



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To prepare Ashesi students to tackle Africa’s complex, real-world challenges, we must engage them in three ways: with practical, hands-on projects; through in-depth classroom learning; and in collaborative teams with a mix of skills. The proposed Learning & Research Lab will adjoin the recently completed engineering building and will complement the university’s existing engineering resources and equipment by providing:

  • Additional classrooms, workshops and laboratories
  • Infrastructure for implementing training programs, under Small & Medium Enterprise Development, to be taught by Ashesi faculty
  • Spaces for collaboration with the Ghana Climate Innovation Center (GCIC) at Ashesi, funded by the World Bank Group
  • Space for Ashesi faculty research

The funding required for this lab is estimated at $2.4M. A lead gift of $500k has been secured and we are actively seeking additional funding of $1.9M.



A fully immersive campus experience is an important part of an Ashesi education. Ashesi transforms students’ ethics and attitudes, and fosters a willingness to take responsibility and to lead. As we enroll more students from across Africa, it becomes even more important to have the housing and gathering spaces to support this cultural transformation, and to foster community in our diverse student body.

In addition to promoting a strong campus culture, on-campus student housing has played a very important role in convincing families to send their daughters to Ashesi, especially in their first year. As such, the university’s current ten-year plan seeks to improve the availability of on-campus housing. Currently 42% of students live on campus. We seek to increase that ratio to over 60%.

Earlier this year we met our $2.5M goal to build housing for another 96 students (B, pictured above). Generous Ashesi donors gave gifts from $25.00 – $1M to help meet the goal. Thank You! Construction of the dorm started in fall 2016. We look forward to keeping you up to date on our progress.

But the demand for more housing is still high and we are raising funds to build dormitory Cluster C (above). The funding required to build Cluster C is $3.1M. A lead gift of $1.5M has been secured and we are actively seeking additional funding of $1.6M to begin construction.

Student Center

At the crest of campus, the Student Center will serve as a focal point for students to engage with each other and share experiences outside the classroom. The new campus hub will have spaces for meals, events and student activities. It will host offices for student government, a campus radio station and internal and external event spaces. The $3.5M funding required to build the Student Center has been secured and the University is now preparing to begin construction.

To learn more about these projects and how you can partner with us to make them happen, contact the foundation at 206.545.6988 or

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