Campus growth: Building more spaces for students to live, learn and innovate

Since 2015, Ashesi has raised funds and successfully managed construction projects for dormitories, faculty housing, a health center, green tech incubator and an engineering workshop. We are humbled and deeply grateful to the visionary donors who supported those projects. To increase our impact and serve more students, we need to build more classrooms, labs, student housing and collaborative spaces. Our immediate priorities are to raise funds for the construction of additional student housing and a student business incubator.

The Ashesi Garage

This incubator space on campus will support Ashesi’s renowned entrepreneurial ecosystem. The Ashesi Garage will provide workshops, equipment and other resources for students and alumni to develop their startups. We are currently seeking to raise $1.3M to construct and furbish this facility. We aim to have 20% of alumni starting businesses within 10 years of graduation. The Ashesi Garage will help make this goal a reality.


Your support will help Ashesi foster an entrepreneurial ecosystem, enable students and alumni to test their business models, develop product prototypes and leverage the university ecosystem as a resource for launching their businesses.

Goal: $1.3M

Student Housing

A fully immersive campus experience is an important part of an Ashesi education. Ashesi transforms students’ ethics and attitudes, and fosters a willingness to take responsibility and to lead. As we enroll more students from across Africa, it becomes even more important to have the housing and gathering spaces to support this cultural transformation, and to foster community in our diverse student body.

In addition to promoting a strong campus culture, on-campus student housing plays a very important role in convincing families to send their daughters to Ashesi, especially in their first year. As such, the university’s current ten-year plan seeks to improve the availability of on-campus housing. Currently 42% of students live on campus. We seek to increase that ratio to over 60%.

This September, we opened our newest dormitory, B (pictured below). For 96 returning and first-year students, this residence provides a home base for community building and supporting one another’s academic experience. Generous donors gave gifts from $25-$1M towards construction.

We have also reached our fundraising goal of $3.1M to build Dormitory C. We look forward to keeping you up to date on its construction progress.

We are now actively raising funds to build housing for another 96 students. The funding required to build Dormitory D is $2.6M.

Gifts of all sizes help secure housing for students. Thank you for helping to enrich students’ campus and classroom experiences.

Goal: $2.6M


Campus growth fundraising progress

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