The Education Collaborative: Uniting universities to solve Africa’s challenges

As Ashesi University continues to grow in size, we are working to scale its proven educational model across Africa. In June 2017, Ashesi held its first Education Collaborative. Colleagues in higher education convened for this idea-sharing platform, one where university leaders and stakeholders work to harness best practices in teaching, management and administration. The ultimate goal of the Collaborative is to develop a network of institutions committed to solving Africa’s biggest challenges through education.


Staying true to Ashesi’s belief in hands-on learning, the workshop requires participants to actively learn, share and co-design approaches to promote the goals of their institutions. The 5-day workshop is packed with practical, immersive exercises.

Professionals from across higher education convene here, including university presidents, directors, faculty and administrative staff. Attending institutions are also diverse: the Collaborative has hosted public and private institutions, and institutions ranging from one to one hundred and seventy five years old.


The collaborative is unique, in the sense that it presents an opportunity to fill a gap that is existing in higher education conversations today,” says 2017 participant Dr. Alex Awiti, Director of the East African Institute at Aga Khan University. “This gathering, which is seminal and groundbreaking, model[s] upon some of the founding principles of Ashesi to bring together organizations of similar orientation and presents a new starting point.

Ashesi’s annual cost to host the Education Collaborative is $85,000. The university works hard to offer competitive pricing to participants and provides need-based financial assistance to attending institutions. Your support enables the Collaborative to sponsor more African institutions and offer high-quality programming.

Goal: $85,000 per year

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