Ashesi Faculty and AUF Board Member Present at Ghana Physicians and Surgeons Foundation 21st Annual Conference 

Modern Cancer Care: An Integrative Approach to Excellence, Equity, and Innovation for Africa 

Ghana Physicians and Surgeons Foundation (GPSF) networks with other physicians and aims to provide medical education, advance healthcare infrastructure, and make an impact on healthcare in Ghana. At the GPSF annual conference earlier this month, Ashesi’s Head of Engineering Dr. Elena Rosca and Ashesi University Foundation Board Member Dr. Lewis Roberts each presented.

In her remarks Dr. Rosca discussed how Ashesi is embarking on a journey in health and biotechnology education and research and how student and faculty research in bioengineering is advancing the university’s academic goals. She concluded that Ashesi University is establishing an educational incubator to nurture exceptional biological engineers who will drive the development of Ghana’s biotechnology industry.

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