Ashesi Foundation’s 8th Annual Trip to Ghana

DSC_9152September 27, 2016
This month, Ashesi Foundation hosted supporters from the US and Europe for its 8th Annual Trip to Ghana. The trip included time on campus in Berekuso and throughout Accra, visiting alumni-founded ventures. 

Visiting campus is the best way to understand Ashesi’s impact. For more information on our Annual Trip, or to reserve your spot for 2017, please contact:


Trip Participant Reflections

“I was truly inspired when I spent the afternoon with a Hamza, a junior at Ashesi.  He was bright and articulate.  He had great ambition and had planned his classes to get the most out of the college experience.  We talked about his life, how it was changing and his career plans.  There was no question in my mind that he would be a future leader and it confirmed my belief that Ashesi is meeting its mission.”  

Conrad Gehrmann, Ashesi Foundation Trustee

“The personal meetings with the students – listening to their aspirations, feeling their enthusiasm supporting their commitment, is each year an experience which proves that Africa can be transformed by transforming yourself first. Also, the joint meetings of the Foundation and University Boards showed that everybody is committed to support Ashesi on this track.”

Peter O. Koelle, Ashesi Foundation Trustee

“As a first-time visitor to Ashesi, I was floored by the palpable high-energy buzz that flows throughout the school. There is a feeling amongst staff and students that they are part of something very special, bigger than themselves and destined to change the course of an entire continent. You see it in the classrooms, in the hallways and even amongst the ground staff. Everyone doing their part to advance the cause. 

The highlight for me was spending time in a history class where everyone was actively involved in a discussion about the role of the griot and how African oral history might have been altered if women participated as storytellers. The perspectives were thoughtful and virtually the entire class had something to add.”

Reggie Brown, Ashesi Foundation Trustee








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