Ashesi Student Council inducts new executive body

January 21, 2019
It was just an hour-long event yet most likely one of the most meaningful for Ashesi’s sixteen incoming student leaders. The 14th handing-over ceremony of the Student Council was the first time after the election that Christopher Obiora ’20 and his Vice-President, Caroline, introduced their committee heads to the community.

Held just a few steps away from the Archer Cornfield Courtyard, Ashesi President Patrick Awuah proudly congratulated the efforts of the previous ASC and went on to share some food for thought for the incoming leaders.

“Imperfection is God’s design, when you look in nature, you don’t see any perfectly straight lines, any perfect squares, you don’t even see any perfect circle. But look into these elements, and there are perfect numbers and concepts like pie. So, for the student council leaders coming in, we’re not perfect, we cannot be perfect. A lot of interest factors that you need are here. The challenge that remains is what you do with it.”

The ceremony was as much for the outgoing leaders as it was for the incoming ones. After the handing-over, Dean Abdul reminded the outgoing ASC that leadership continues beyond their now ended tenure of office.

“Everybody here at Ashesi has so much stake in how this place turns out. So for the outgoing ASC, unfortunately, you’re not done. Leadership is making sure that what you found here, you leave it better. So it is going to get tougher because now you have to lead without the titles.”

Meet the new student government.

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