Ashesi team launches student research journal for Science, Engineering, Entrepreneurship and Design

February 15, 2020
A team of students supported by faculty at Ashesi has launched a new Science, Engineering, Entrepreneurship and Design (SEED) Research Journal. SEED will be published twice a year and aims to become a leader for student research and articles that explore innovation and connections within its four central study areas. The journal is the first of its kind and brings added momentum to Ashesi’s emerging research culture.

Though launched with an initial cohort of student researchers from Ashesi, SEED hopes to connect with peers in other universities across Africa. The goal, according to the journal’s team, is to create a repository that celebrates student research work happening in universities on the continent. Click here to learn more about publishing guidelines for the SEED Journal.



Meet the Team
The first volume of the SEED Journal was created with editorial leadership from Miquilina Anagbah ’19, Jean Roberts ’21, and Kristen Agyeman-Prempeh ’21. Website and Graphic Design was led by Robert Boateng-Duah ’20, Nana Akwasi Frimpong ’21 and Christopher Anamalia ’21. The student team received guidance from Engineering faculty member Dr. Elena Rosca.

Additionally, research and articles in the first volume were shared by Mumuni Mohammed ’20, Major Kadonzvo ’20, Mustapha Tidoo Yussif ’20, Gbetondji Jean-Sebastien Dovonon ’20, Samuel Atule ’20, Ronny P.K. Panford ’20, Opanin K. Akuffo ’20, Edinam K. Klutse ’20, Timothy Charles-Debrah ’20, Emmanuel Nimo ’20, and Kofi Anweara ’20.


Research Commitment Continues to be Embraced
In 2019, the Academic Affairs Office at Ashesi has introduced a series of new initiatives across campus to support and encourage research and innovation. The Professor Stephen Adei Studio for Research Excellence, located in Ashesi’s Research and Learning Building, was established to coordinate these initiatives.

Initiatives include the Archer-Cornfield Fellowship for post-doctoral students to support research and teaching in Engineering and Computer Science; increased support for faculty professional development and research capacity expansion; as well as deepened efforts to grow institutional ties focused on research.

To enable students to engage in more research, a Creative and Research Fellowship was also introduced in 2019. The program allows students to pursue more projects of interest outside their regular academic course work while still earning credit. The introduction of the SEED Journal increases peer support for students conducting research. As it expands beyond Ashesi, it will also help establish a benchmark for broader undergraduate research in Africa.


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