At Growth Mosaic, a bet on hiring Ashesi graduates pays off

February 25, 2018
Started in Ghana in 2011, Growth Mosaic‘s primary work is to identify early-stage impact businesses, accelerate them to become investment-ready, and match them with the best investors. In the last 7 years, the company’s portfolio has grown steadily, covering nearly 100 clients that impact thousands of lives in underserved regions. Two years after starting the company, founder Wayne Miranda hired his first Ashesi grad; the decision would mark the start of a long-standing relationship with the university.

“We opted to hire from Ashesi because of its focus on ethical leadership and the culture it instilled within students; from the student-led honor code to first-name relationships with professors, because learning and results mattered more,” he shares. “This culture was paired with an education that was rich in the fundamentals of business. I was additionally impressed that all Ashesi students learned computer programming, not because everyone needs to understand technology, but because coding teaches a disciplined and logical way of thinking, an iterative approach to problem-solving, and the empowering experience of creating one’s vision.”

That first hire, Annatu Abdulai ’13, has remained with Growth Mosaic since. Nearly 6 years after graduating from Ashesi and joining the organization, Annatu has grown from an Analyst to Director of Acceleration, taking on increasing responsibility in between. Together with others recruited later, Annatu and other Ashesi alumni now make up nearly half of Growth Mosaic’s high-impact team.

“I saw Growth Mosaic as a great starting point for my career as it allowed me to combine social impact with good business training,” says Annatu, who now works closely with entrepreneurs across the country to strengthen their business models and become investment-ready. “I wanted to be able to live out the lessons I was carrying from my classes at Ashesi, and this is something I was actively looking out for in a job.”

Alumnus OluDele Sonekan ’13, who serves as Director of Investments, shares the sentiment.

“I wanted to work closely with companies generating impact,” shared OluDele Sonekan ’13, Director of Investments. “When I joined Growth Mosaic I was immediately thrown into the deep end, working directly with clients and being given a lot of responsibility. It allowed me to be creative, to make decisions and think outside the box. I’m glad Growth Mosaic has given me this opportunity to grow and impact others.”

While the alumni at Growth Mosaic have helped the firm grow its impact with many early-stage companies, being able to bring their shared experiences to work has allowed for strong mentoring relationships for younger alumni. For Anna Amegatcher ’14, Director of Market Intelligence, being able to work together with other alumni has brought a really unique comradeship to Growth Mosaic.

“The Ashesi community here is extremely supportive,” she says. “I think strongly that we generally influence strong results, but even more so from each other. Our relationships have grown even stronger than they were while we were still on campus.”

While Growth Mosaic continues to hire from Ashesi, the university also benefits from continued involvement in helping train students, including serving as in-person and remote coaches, mentors, advisors.

What started with one hire has over the years spawned into a mutually beneficial bond. While Growth Mosaic continues to hire from Ashesi, the school also benefits from their continued involvement in helping train students, including serving as in-person and remote coaches, mentors, advisors.

“Ashesi’s and Growth Mosaic’s missions are highly aligned,” said Wayne. “We both believe in elevating ethical, entrepreneurial leaders to drive Ghana’s and Africa’s growth story. Growth Mosaic’s talent strategy is to hire young graduates and professionals, provide them with intensive training and ongoing on-the-job coaching, and offer opportunities for increased responsibilities to help stretch and grow team members. This great relationship with Ashesi is only the beginning.”

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