Be part of history: help Ashesi engineer a better Africa

55_220c08548cac211cc7db219bb52f46cf_sMake a donation today: All donors who make a gift or pledge of $500 USD (500 GHS if donating in Ghana) or more by 2/28/15 will have their name listed on the donor wall of the new engineering building. 

Your 2015 gifts to Ashesi still make a difference! Your support helps Ashesi grow, launch new programs, and provide scholarships to students in need.

Dear Friends,

Ashesi University was founded in 2002 with an ambitious goal – an African Renaissance driven by a new generation of ethical, entrepreneurial, and innovative leaders. Now, thanks to a global community of supporters, visionary partners, and faculty, the impact of Ashesi is spreading across Africa. Ashesi graduates launch enterprises, develop new technologies and work to strengthen Africa’s civic sector. Our faculty is engaged in research on some of Africa’s most pressing challenges, and our educational approach serves as a model for other African universities.

But clearly, Africa still has bottlenecks to prosperity – bottlenecks that Ashesi can help address. Africa urgently needs better-designed infrastructure and affordable products that address local challenges. We need engineers focused on sustainability, job creation, and problem-solving. To meet those needs, Ashesi will launch a new, innovative engineering program in fall 2015.

I’m proud that Ashesi’s engineering major will set a new standard for inclusion in Africa. Last month, at the Clinton Global Initiative, I made a commitment to achieve gender balance in our engineering program. We are committed that at Ashesi, African women – in equal numbers to men – will guide the engineering solutions to Africa’s challenges. This is a responsibility that we don’t take lightly. At Ashesi, we’ve worked hard to recruit and nurture women, and are proud to have gender parity in our existing programs. Now is the time for Ashesi to lead the way with our engineering program.

To meet this ambitious commitment, Ashesi will: design a curriculum intentionally aimed at including the perspectives of women; inspire girls in African high schools to pursue careers in computer science and engineering; fund scholarships for women; and provide the mentorship and counseling necessary to help them succeed in college and in the working world. Our first step is to complete our campaign to launch the engineering program in fall 2015.

I hope you will consider joining us and be part of starting this exciting chapter for Ashesi. On behalf of future Ashesi engineers, entrepreneurs, innovators, and ethical leaders, I thank you.


Patrick Awuah
Ashesi Founder & President


Please note that 10% of gifts restricted to the engineering program will be set aside into a contingency fund
for the University, and 12% will be set aside to cover administrative and fundraising expenses.