Berekuso marks Ohum festival, highlighting the strength of our community

March 3, 2019
For many, rain is an indication of a fresh start. And for the people of Berekuso, the rain symbolized exactly that and more, as they marked their Ohum festival – the first in nearly 10 years – amidst a heavy downpour.

Celebrated among Ghana’s Akan people in the Eastern region, the Ohum festival is marked to honor the ancestors and early settlers of the Akwapem ethnic areas.

Marked by pomp and pleasantry, the celebration was a rich display of Ghanaian color, culture, and national pride.

The growing relationship between Ashesi and Berekuso
This year’s celebration not only showed significant progress in the town’s commitment to peace and stability but also was an opportunity for members of the Ashesi community to celebrate the growing relationship with the town.“Since 2011, when Ashesi moved to Berekuso, their committed efforts have helped impact the town’s educational standards through multiple programs their students and staff hold for our young students,” shared Odeefo Oteng Korankye II, Chief of Berekuso. “Now we have an immediate and present reminder of why our students need to take their academic work seriously, so they can be competitive to attend Ashesi.”

Over the years, through student and faculty-led programs like the Berekuso Math Project, Berekuso Music Project, the Berekuso Library, and town clean-ups, the Ashesi community has worked closely with the leadership of the town to help improve education and community standards in the town.

“In terms of collaboration, Ashesi has been involved in several community engagement initiatives and also in providing scholarships to natives and residents of Berekuso to study here,” shared Araba Botchway, Director of Admissions and Financial Aid. “There‘s a strong bond that we’re proud of and going forward we hoping we can do more to strengthen the existing relationship and explore other areas where we can work together.”

About Berekuso

Located in the Akuapem South District, Berekuso lies in a valley surrounded by mountains and is also the border town between the Greater Accra and the Eastern Region. It is home to Ashesi’s campus.

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