Edith Violet Naisubi ’20

The first day of my internship with Baobab at Edplus at Arizona State University.

July 9, 2019
This summer, Edith Violet Naisubi ’20 is serving as a Research and Media Intern for Baobab, an educational online platform, at Arizona State University. Here, she provides an update on her experience so far. 

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My journey with Baobab started in my freshman year when I volunteered to be a Baobab Ambassador at Ashesi University. Baobab is an educative online platform that connects all Mastercard Foundation Scholars in the world. While being a Baobab Ambassador I earned myself a nickname of “Baobab Lady”. And now the “Baobab Lady” has officially transformed to “Baobab Intern”. It’s almost halfway into my summer internship with Baobab. I am working as a Research and Media Intern and so far, I have learned numerous things like carrying out UX (User Experience) interviews, videography, google analytics, and getting used to being on camera, among others.

My supervisors and the rest of the Baobab staff are so incredible, they care about both our personal and professional growth. Our supervisor checks in with us every week regarding our personal goals we set at the beginning of the internship. Also, we always have meetings every week with experts who advise and mentor us. It’s more than what I expected!

Shooting a trailer for one of our storytelling projects with other interns.

This internship has always been one of my dream internships. In my second year, I applied for it, went through all the three stages, but finally, I was put on the waiting list. Nevertheless, I patiently waited for the next application and now I can’t believe that I finally made it. I remember jumping and screaming when I saw the congratulatory message, “Yes!!! I finally made it.”

Besides work, I am having fun in Arizona despite the hot weather. I had one of the most amazing experiences in my life last week when two of our supervisors took us to Flagstaff and Sedona to see the Grand Canyon and the red rocks of Sedona. We spent two nights in Flagstaff and our last night we dined at an Indian Restaurant; the food was so delicious and amazing.

Did I mention how the Grand Canyon is so massive and spectacular? Oooh no! I couldn’t get enough of its rock carvings and scenery. I spent a lot of time taking pictures. This trip will still remain among the peaks of this internship and I am looking forward to more fun and learning experiences.

At the Grand Canyon with other interns.

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