First-year student named one of top three in Ghana by West Africa Examination Council

April 6, 2020
The West African Examinations Council named Ashesi student, Nana Adwoa Sereboo ’23, as one of the top three students in the 2019 West African Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE). The WASSCE is West Africa’s most widely taken high school examination, with over 346,000 registered participants in 2019. In addition to being named second in the overall best performance, Nana Adwoa was also awarded the best Business program candidate.

Despite being encouraged by her high school teachers to aim for it, the notification that she was to be awarded came as a surprise to Nana Adwoa. Her primary goal, all through her final year, had been graduating with strong enough outcomes to successfully get into a good university. Like many others, her older sibling getting into Ashesi deepened her admiration and she aspired to join the university.

Photo: Nana Adwoa (far right) with friends during her time in high school

“I wasn’t dwelling on awards nearly as much as getting into a good university after high school,” she explained. “My goal was to do well enough so I could qualify into Ashesi to join my sister. This is an amazing institution, with an amazing community and set of resources. Nana Akua set a high bar coming here, and she has always served as my motivation.”

Parents Francis and Paulina Sereboo are equally happy that both daughters got into Ashesi. “We were able to get a first-hand experience of Ashesi when Nana Akua, our first daughter, attended the Innovation Experience program,” shared Francis. “After the kind of experience she had – becoming more assertive and well-rounded – it was hard seeing her at any other university but Ashesi.”

Now in her first year at Ashesi, Nana Adwoa is looking forward to exploring a broad set of interests. “I don’t have career plans that are set in stone yet,” she shared. “I believe I am a ‘multipotentialite’ and every day I find new things I’m interested in and good at. The awesome thing is, I don’t need to have my whole life planned out yet!”


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