How Oliver Mensah ’18 is building software developer communities in Africa

Oliver Mensah is a Mastercard Foundation Scholar Alumnus and a software engineer at Future500 B.V. Besides his day-to-day job as a software engineer, he is very active in the developer community in sub-Saharan Africa and contributes to programs designed to support the professional development of software engineers in Africa.

It wasn’t until he was a senior in high school that he was exposed to computers. He instantly fell in love with the work but had to wait until his tertiary education at Ashesi University as a Mastercard Foundation Scholar to get a chance to write computer codes for the first time.

“At Ashesi University, I realized there were many solutions and ideas that one can bring into fruition by just having a computer and internet,” he says. “I saw technology and software development as a leveler because regardless of your economic background if you have an idea of a project, you can code it up and test the idea on the market easily.”

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