On air: the alum-student team starting up Ashesi’s audio production

May 20, 2020
Long before The Minds at Ashesi (TMA) podcast went live, Nadia Amasa ’18 and Catherine Delight ’22 had already listened to, tweaked, and edited the pilot and subsequent episodes more times than they could count.

“It can get frustrating when you can’t quite crack a particular episode to create the feel you want,” shared Catherine, producer for the podcast. “It really is a game of making sure each recording is great.”

As the presenter-producer duo for TMA, the pair is responsible for end-to-end production for Ashesi’s inaugural podcast. The production simultaneously introduces an alternative medium for stakeholders to keep tabs on happenings within the Ashesi community.

“Through the podcasts and radio programs, our would-be listeners will connect more with the people in the stories we share on,” shared Nadia, Communications Officer at Ashesi. “The recording studio also allows students to create content to engage the larger community.”

Since Ashesi’s early days, several students and student groups have dabbled in producing audio content. From makeshifts radio programs to music productions, the students have achieved varying levels of success. It was many of these efforts that inspired the establishment of the fully-fitted recording studio, which will double as an institutional media channel and a platform for students to explore their creativity.

“Learning that Ashesi had a radio station was probably my most exciting moment yet, since coming to Ashesi,” shared Catherine, who hopes to enter the music industry after Ashesi. “I thought leaving Kenya to come and study programming and finance here would mean I was abandoning my dreams in pursuing music.”

As the first of a series of programs earmarked for production, TMA will focus on the lives of the staff and faculty at Ashesi. “From each episode, we hope listeners will get to know our staff and faculty in a broader sense, beyond what they do at Ashesi,” shared Nadia. “…what inspires them and what lessons they can pass down to us,” added Catherine.

While they are both excited about leading the work on the podcast, the experience has also provided many learning moments. “Working on this podcast has taught me to keep building on any skill you have,” shared Catherine. “You can’t be stagnant, especially when you’re part of a team.”

And like the rest of the world dealing with the restrictions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the team is learning to deal with setbacks. “While the pandemic has forced us away from campus, and from the studio, we’re undeterred.” shared Nadia. “We’re actively exploring different ideas and dynamics to continue to bring content to our listener.”


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