Patrick Awuah’s World Economic Forum post: Courage, Humility, and the GDP of African Nations

imagesAshesi President, Patrick Awuah, joined with 25 fellow Schwab Social Entrepreneurs from around the globe at the World Economic Forum’s 2015 Annual Meeting in Davos, January 21-24, 2015, to contribute expertise on some of the world’s most pressing challenges. Read Patrick’s World Economic Forum post: Courage Humility, and the GDP of African Nations.

The World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting convenes global leaders from across business, government, international organizations, academia and civil society in Davos for strategic dialogues that map the key transformations reshaping the world.

“These are interesting times for people who care about Africa’s future,” said Patrick. Awuah. “Many countries in Africa are experiencing some progress, with support from a growing community of economists, engineers, human rights advocates, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, and policy makers across the world; if this progress is to last, and not be eclipsed by each new crises, then African citizens are going to have to drive much of this innovation for ourselves. This is why I am excited by the strength of voices representing Africa in Davos.”

Patrick Awuah moderated a session on “Reimagining Africa’s Future” at this year’s Annual Meeting, in which he helped start conversations on the conditions that can help boost Africa’s growth and prosperity.

“These social entrepreneurs are at the forefront of addressing the most pressing social and environmental challenges, ranging from inclusive employment solutions, consumer waste, education, affordable health services, and more,” said Hilde Schwab, in an article on the importance of social entrepreneurs to the Annual Meeting.

“As business and government leaders seek new, innovative solutions to many of the systemic issues they face, social entrepreneurs are called upon to provide solutions. Together with the Young Global Leaders and the Global Shapers, they highlight that global issues need entrepreneurial solutions.”

Read more in Patrick Awuah’s Medium post from Davos: Courage Humility, and the GDP of African Nations.