The Class of 2021 strengthens trust within Ashesi community

November 19, 2018
On November 15, a particularly stormy afternoon in Berekuso, members of the Ashesi community gathered at the Norton Motulsky Hall to witness and celebrate the Class of 2021 vote to adopt Ashesi’s Examination Honor code.

This year’s vote marked the 10th year students at Ashesi have opted for or against adopting the Honor Code. The practice was voted into force by students in January of 2008, in an endeavor to build a high-trust community, where students take responsibility of their ethical behavior and make a choice to uphold Ashesi’s reputation in high esteem.

“The center of the intellectual life of Ashesi is this Honor Code,” shared Ashesi Provost Angela Owusu-Ansah. “It is what defines all aspects of us molding ethical leaders. By taking this bold step now, to care enough, to be brave enough, to be ethical, you have already begun building a good foundation to live out Ashesi’s mission; to be honest, high integrity individuals not only for yourself but the community you live in. And to those who opted not to, I hope that over the next couple of years, you will see the benefits of the code, and also be brave and bold to voice when somebody is doing wrong. I know that it’s not easy and we as an institution will also do our part to create an environment that facilitates learning.”

For a class to sign on to the Honor Code, at least two-thirds of that class must vote in the affirmative and the Class of 2021 exceeded this minimum, with 72% of the Class voted to join the Honor Code, and taking the significant step in becoming ethical leaders in Africa; people who are bold enough to make changes.

“Before coming to Ashesi and learning about the Honor Code, I would never have reported anyone even if I saw them doing something wrong because I felt it wasn’t any of my business,” shared Benedicta Apambila. “But I’m glad knowing that now are actions will be putting our peers on the right track even if it comes to the point where they must face the consequences for doing wrong because we all have a responsibility to build each other up to be better.”

To end the ceremony, the Class made a collective pledge to abide by the Honour Code; to not give nor receive unauthorized assistance, and not condone any violations of the Exam Code of Conduct. Moving forward, the Ashesi Student Council’s Judicial and Electoral Council (JEC) hopes to extend the honor code beyond the classroom to address ways of conducting oneself regarding social issues in the community as well.

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