The Robert E. & Dorothy J. King Engineering Building: recognising the Kings’ contributions to Africa

Robert_and_Dorothy_KingOctober 7, 2015
Robert E. & Dorothy J. King, also known as Bob and Dottie King, have had a long commitment to helping reduce poverty in developing countries, especially in Africa. In 2011, after experiences with investing in startups and seeing the potential of entrepreneurs, the couple endowed Stanford to start the Stanford Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies (SEED). SEED, which established its first regional centre in Ghana, provides a combination of training, networking support, and coaching for established business leaders in developing economies, among other activities.

In July of 2013, the Kings were part of a team of six from SEED, that visited Ashesi to discuss possible partnerships, during which they learned about Ashesi’s work first-hand. In August of 2013, the King Innovation Fund approved a grant of $1 million to the Ashesi University Foundation, which allowed construction to begin on our new Engineering building. The Kings have continued to support the work of Ashesi since, later donating $500,000 towards Engineering lab equipment at Ashesi.

“We believe that innovation and entrepreneurship are the engines of growth to lift people out of poverty,” said Robert King. “It is our pleasure to support Ashesi’s admirable mission.”

Ashesi chose to name its new Engineering Building after the Kings, for their continued commitment to supporting economic growth innovation and development in Africa.

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