With $20,000 gift, Joseph Awuah-Darko looks to inspire student giving at Ashesi

February 11, 2019
As a student at Ashesi, Joseph Awuah-Darko launched his career in the creative arts inside the university’s workshops and labs. For his first exhibition, he developed art pieces using 3D printers on campus; and together with a team of students, he went on to launch a program that upcycled material from Ghana’s largest e-waste dumpsite, Agbobloshie.

And in a move to contribute to the growth of the resources at Ashesi that he believes have helped define his career ambitions, Joseph chose to donate $20,000 to the university this February. The gift is the largest yet from a student at Ashesi and is what Joseph hopes will be the first of many from himself and other students like him.

“Ashesi has a lot to do with who I am today,” said Joseph, speaking to why he chose to make the gift. “I had access to a lot of people and resources that truly acted as a catalyst for my journey into art and entrepreneurship. All the qualities I have – my work ethic, attention to detail – were qualities I learned from here.”

“And Ashesi affirmed for me that it was ok to be different,” he added. “All of this has contributed to my career as an art entrepreneur; I hope this gift goes towards strengthening the resources at Ashesi that support creative work, and that it inspires more students to engage in work outside the classroom.”

Photo Courtesy: Gallery 1957

Joseph now manages an investment fund aimed at promoting the growth of contemporary African art and continues to build a reputation as one of Ghana’s breakout artists. He is currently running a solo art exhibition at Accra’s Gallery 1957, with pieces aimed at highlighting the effects of human consumption on the environment.

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