Ashesi’s world-class campus

In 2009, after operating since 2002 in crowded rented facilities, Ashesi broke ground for its new permanent campus in Berekuso, a small village outside of Accra, Ghana. Generous donors from around the globe helped raise the $6.4M needed for construction. In two short years, on-schedule and on-budget, an empty patch of ground was transformed into one of the finest campuses in Africa.

In 2011, Ashesi moved into our new campus. The hilltop location, combined with a unique architectural design are inspiring. The campus, which was designed and built by Africans, also serves as a testament of Ashesi’s commitment to a renewed Africa led by the African people. Ashesi’s campus is a state-of-the-art learning environment designed to encourage faculty and student interaction – creating a base for young Africans from diverse backgrounds to live, collaborate and study together for generations to come.


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Visit our campus

Join our annual week-long trip to Ghana
See the new Africa that Ashesi is creating. We’ll visit graduate workplaces, hear students present innovative projects, participate in discussions with Ashesi leadership – and witness a new Africa of optimism, ethical courage, and progress.

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