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Every day, thanks to a global community of advocates, donors, and volunteers, 1,339 Ashesi students work hard to gain the skills they'll need to transform their continent. From Ashesi's launch in 2002, generous and insightful supporters helped develop the curriculum, gave strategic counsel, taught on campus, and helped spread the word. Friends of Ashesi raised the capital to build our world-class campus. We are deeply thankful and humbled by the generosity of our global community.

Today, a vibrant community of supporters helps propel Ashesi forward. Africa needs more from Ashesi-- more growth, more high-impact majors and more scholarships for students in need. There are many ways you can use your skills and passion to support Ashesi’s work.


Your support empowers more young Africans to create progress on their home continent. Every donation to Ashesi, of any amount, is a valued gift. Ashesi’s sustainable model means that the university’s operating expenses are funded by tuition and fees. Your tax deductible gift helps Ashesi grow, launch new programs, and provide scholarships to students in need.

To learn about the Foundation's current plans and funding priorities, click here.

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Spread the word

Please forward a link. Host a party. Introduce us at work.

  • Forward Ashesi eNewsletters (subscribe now), videos, and social media posts to friends and co-workers.
  • Host an Ashesi house party – we’ll help you!
  • Host an Ashesi brown bag lunch in your workplace.
  • Ask friends or co-workers to donate to Ashesi to commemorate your birthday or other event.
  • Connect Ashesi to foundations or organizations that share our mission.

To ask how the Ashesi University Foundation can support your efforts to spread the word, contact us.

Visit and be inspired

There is no better way to understand Ashesi's impact than to visit and see for yourself how our students, staff, and alumni are working for a better future for Africa. Join our Ashesi Deep Dive or schedule a campus tour anytime of year. To learn more, please contact:


Our main volunteers help with fundraising. On campus, volunteers also serve as guest lecturers, executives-in-residence, and technical advisors. From home, volunteers can mentor a student or work with the Foundation team. Call us to learn how we can leverage your expertise for Ashesi.