Ashesi's Growing Impact

Ashesi impacts Africa in two ways:

  • Our graduates successfully create progress across the continent
  • Ashesi, as an African institution, is a new model for African educational and civil institutions

Today, Ashesi graduates are fulfilling a lifelong commitment to create progress on their home continent. Imagine the impact their growing numbers will have over the next decade.

Ashesi’s impact by the numbers

Our Students

  • 1,505 students
    Ashesi’s student body is now larger than ever, with 75 postgraduate students.
  • 54% of students receive financial aid
    Ashesi’s student body is growing, and our commitment to scholarships remains as strong as ever.
  • 48% of students are women
    African women are underrepresented in higher education. At Ashesi, we are committed to gender equity.
  • 34 African countries represented
    Ashesi is a Pan-African community. 26% of our students come from outside of Ghana to learn, live, and innovate.

Our alumni

  • 1,700+ graduates
    Since opening in 2002, Ashesi has produced over seventeen hundred graduates who are fulfilling a lifelong commitment to creating progress on their home continent.
  • Nearly 100% of grads find quality placement
    The collective Ashesi curriculum and experience results in an average of 93% of alumni finding placement in careers, graduate school, or starting businesses within six months of starting their search.
  • 70% of graduates live and work in Africa
    The majority of our alumni are working in Africa. Most remaining alumni are pursuing graduate degrees in the US and Europe and plan to return to Africa.