Ashesi University is a catalyst for change

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Founded by a visionary African, Ashesi empowers young Africans to develop new solutions to the continent’s challenges. Ashesi University is an African initiated, world-class, non-profit, four-year university located outside of Accra, Ghana. Founded when Patrick Awuah, a Ghanaian, chose to leave his successful US software career and return to Africa, Ashesi has grown from 30 to 630 students, and has a 13-year record of producing graduates of exceptional integrity and professional ability.

The mission of Ashesi is to educate a new generation of ethical, entrepreneurial leaders
in Africa; to cultivate within our students the critical thinking skills,
and the concern for others and the courage it will take to transform a continent. 

Ashesi offers a four-year bachelors program grounded in a liberal core curriculum, featuring majors in:

  • Business Administration
  • Management Information Systems
  • Computer Science
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

With an academic program designed in collaboration with some of the world’s best universities, and in partnership with local and multinational employers across Ghana, Ashesi has pioneered an educational experience like no other in Africa.

The Ashesi University Foundation is a US non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization, based in Seattle Washington, that connects a global community of donors, friends, volunteers, and trustees to this catalytic project.

How Ashesi fosters ethics, innovation, and entrepreneurship

  • Our honor code and community service foster ethics
  • A rigorous liberal arts core fosters critical thinking skills in small seminar classes
  • In-depth majors in Business, Computer Science, and MIS prepare students to innovate in their field
  • Real-world projects and internships prepare students to succeed in Africa’s complex environment

Diverse student body of future leaders

631 students |   48% women  | 40% receive financial aid  |  14 African countries  |  diverse religious, ethnic, and economic backgrounds  |  1 in 5 applicants accepted on average

Graduates improve lives, and remove Africa’s obstacles to growth 

700+ graduates   •   90% stay in Africa  •   100% find quality placement by contrast, 50% of West Africa’s graduates are unemployed

Innovative and entrepreneurial, graduates have launched 19 new ventures to-date. They have developed new technologies, ranging from mobile healthcare, to cardless ATM access, to biometric voter-identification. Multinational corporations such as GE, as well as regional African companies, have placed Ashesi graduates at the core of their strategy for growth in Africa. Ashesi graduates, working with international and African NGOs, have effectively developed and deployed services across several African countries. Read graduate profiles.

Powered by African Families + African Leadership + Global Community


African families: Since 2008, 100% of the University’s operating expenses have been funded by tuition, fees, and other operating income (which totaled $4.8 M for 2014). Most alumni give back to Ashesi.

African leadership: Founded by an African, most Ashesi leadership and faculty are Africans, many of whom earned their PhD in global institutions; Ashesi gives them a chance to return to Africa. Leaders of outstanding African enterprises, such as Rancard Solutions, as well as leaders of the African hubs of global businesses such as GE contribute guidance through the Ashesi Corporate Advisory Council.

Global community:  Engaged, generous donors and friends took a risk on a new model for change and funded Ashesi’s launch.  Today, donors expand Ashesi’s impact, by funding new buildings and new programs, and adding scholarships that allow Ashesi to include women and men from Africa’s poorest communities.

Global partners from Swarthmore to UC Berkeley to the Aspen Leadership Institute helped shape Ashesi’s curriculum. Global leaders in economic development have acknowledged Ashesi as an innovative, effective catalyst for change in Africa. Read expert endorsements.