About Ashesi University Foundation Canada

The Ashesi University Foundation Canada (AUFC) was registered as a Charity in 2021, under the regulation of the Canadian Revenue Authority. Meredith Lee is the Executive Director of AUFC and is a non-profit leader with over 20 years specializing in strategy development, program design and partnership optimization. The Foundation is overseen by an independent Board of Directors.

Ashesi University Foundation Canada together with Ashesi University and Ashesi University Foundation (in the US) form the Ashesi Collective which has a vision of an African renaissance driven by a new generation of ethical, entrepreneurial leaders. Despite this shared vision, the three organisations are independent entities that are separately registered in Canada, Ghana, and the U.S.

Our Vision & Mission

Africa’s population, growing faster than any other, is projected to become the youngest in the world by 2030. This demographic shift - and the continent’s ability to harness it for economic growth and wellbeing - will be felt by the entire world. Investing in the education and skills of Africa’s young people - its emerging leaders - is vital to ensuring that the continent becomes a powerhouse of innovation and productivity. This is the vision that drives the work of Ashesi University Foundation Canada.

The mission of the Ashesi Collective is to advance the education of ethical and entrepreneurial leaders in Africa and raise the bar for educational outcomes across the continent. The Collective shares a vision of an African renaissance driven by a new generation of ethical, entrepreneurial leaders.

Our 10-Year Goals For Investing in Africa

In October 2022, Ashesi University Foundation Canada and the Mastercard Foundation entered into an endowment partnership to establish the “Mastercard Foundation Endowment for Educational Excellence,” which will enable world-class, inclusive higher education in Africa while driving innovation and entrepreneurship on the continent. This partnership also marks the 20th anniversary of Ashesi University. Ashesi University and AUFC have also joined the Health Collaborative in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation. These collaborations are ambitious and seek to have meaningful impact on African institutions, industries and economies.

AUFC Leadership

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