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Patrick Awuah, Ashesi’s Founder and President, reflects on his decision to start a new African university.

“I grew up during Ghana’s chaotic military dictatorship. The economy was so dysfunctional that finding food was a daily challenge for most families, including mine. When I earned a scholarship to Swarthmore College, a new way of questioning, developing, and testing ideas was revealed to me. When I was recruited to work at Microsoft, I temporarily turned my back on Africa.

Later, when my first child was born in Seattle, I understood that Africa mattered—to me, to my son, and to the world. I left my successful US career and returned to Africa. I investigated local challenges—and behind every challenge were people in positions of responsibility who were neither fixing problems nor creating solutions.

This led me to explore the educational system, which looked grim. Africa’s universities are overcrowded and underfunded. Students learn a narrow subject matter, and are tested on recall. Academic dishonesty is too common. How can Africa’s future leaders possibly learn to think and behave differently if we don’t educate them in a different way? If we want different results, we must try something different. Clearly, Africa needed a new kind of university, and in 2000 I resolved to create it.”


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  • Member, TED Fellows Program: 2007 TED/Global, 2009 TED Fellow
  • Member, US Council on Foreign Relations
  • Member, United States Council on Foreign Relations, the Pacific Council of International Policy
  • Member, Tau Beta Pi Honor Society for Excellence in Engineering
  • Fellow of the African Leadership Initiative, Aspen Global Leadership Network

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