Beyond the Horizon

Read here about our plans for Ashesi's third decade.

Ashesi University Foundation Brochure

Ashesi University prepares graduates to create progress in Africa. Ashesi University Foundation helps make this urgent work possible by mobilizing support for the university.

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2022 Ashesi Annual Report

Learn more about our accomplishments for the year.

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Ashesi Bioengineering Report

Ashesi has identified the field of bioengineering as a key area to invest in preparing a new generation of leadership by creating an interdisciplinary course that specifically trains engineers to enter the bioengineering field and support the emerging biotechnology ecosystem in Ghana and across Africa.

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2023 Ashesi Deep Dive Agenda

The Deep Dive offers an unparalleled opportunity to see how Ashesi is driving impact through higher education on the continent.

Take a look at this year’s agenda.

The Education Collaborative at Ashesi

In 2017, Ashesi University started the Education Collaborative initiative with a mission to leverage collaboration and mentorship to build a network of higher education institutions that are uncompromising in achieving excellence in quality student outcomes in Africa.

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Ashesi’s Entrepreneurship Center

Entrepreneurial thinking is the foundation upon which Ashesi’s work educating ethical and innovative leaders is built. Integrated throughout all four years of learning, Ashesi’s approach to entrepreneurship cultivates critical thinking and the courage needed to operate with an ethical mindset.

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Ashesi University Foundation Canada (AUFC) Brochure

AUFC was registered as a Charity in 2021, under the regulation of the Canadian Revenue Authority. It shares Ashesi’s vision of an African renaissance driven by a new generation of ethical, entrepreneurial leaders.

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2022 Ashesi Audited Financials

We're pleased to share the Foundation's and the University's 2022 audited financial statements.

2022 Ashesi University Foundation Canada (AUFC) Audited Financials

Read the audited financial statements of AUFC, Ashesi's partner in driving innovation and entrepreneurship on the continent. 

Ashesi Innovation Centre

Learn more about our plans for the Ashesi Innovation Centre. With the creation of this centre, we respond to a growing call to strengthen climate research, science, and infrastructure in Africa by investing in and developing a new generation of local problem-solvers.

Ashesi Overview

Ashesi is now recognized as one of the finest universities in Africa, with a proven track record in fostering ethical leadership, critical thinking, an entrepreneurial mindset, and the ability to solve complex problems.

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Scholarships at Ashesi

Exceptional leaders come from many backgrounds and Ashesi scholarships ensure that high-performing students can experience a lifechanging Ashesi education, regardless of their ability to pay.

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