Bank of America Merrill Lynch top executives visit Ashesi

September 14, 2017
Top executives from Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BofAML) visited Ashesi to share insights on the global banking industry, trends and opportunities at the bank.

Led by Chief Operating Officer Tom Montag, Global Head of Emerging Markets Trading Bernard Mensah, and Head of International and Global Banking Human Relations Jennifer Becker, the team held a round-table session with a cross section of students.

“Our job when you come is to train you, to help you find the most perfect job that you can find, and to give you the environment in which you feel comfortable thriving in,” said Tom Montag. “We also look to give you that guidance, and the freedom to do and look at other things that you want, to help you grow. If we don’t give you the right environment, you won’t succeed.”

Over the past four years, BofAML, the corporate and investment banking division of Bank of America, has recruited Ashesi students into various divisions within the firm.

“When you get on the internship program or work with us full time, we hope you have a great experience,” said Bernard Mensah. “So when you come back home, you can use that experience to impact financial institutions here. This way, we also have a group of people we can tap into, and this helps us do more for more countries across the world.”

The visit to Ashesi was part of the team’s tour across the country, engaging with business leaders, government officials and college students.

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