Ashesi’s growing impact

Ashesi impacts Africa in two ways:

  • Our graduates successfully create progress across the continent
  • Ashesi, as an African institution, is a new model for African educational and civil institutions

Today, Ashesi graduates are fulfilling a lifelong commitment to create progress on their home continent. Imagine the impact their growing numbers will have over the next decade.


Ashesi’s impact by the numbers


870 students: After welcoming the Class of 2021 this fall, Ashesi’s student body is now larger than ever.





1,064 graduates: Since opening in 2002, Ashesi has produced over one thousand graduates who are fulfilling a lifelong commitment to create progress on their home continent.




100% of grads receive job offers:
All graduates have received job offers. Employers in Africa urgently need the combination of ethics, problem solving and professional skills that Ashesi graduates offer.





+90% of graduates live and work in Africa: Over 90% of alumni are working to create progress in Africa. Most remaining alumni are pursuing graduate degrees in the US and Europe and plan to return to Africa.




20% International


20% international students: With 20% of students coming from African countries outside of Ghana, Ashesi is becoming a truly pan-African university. Our growing alumni network extends across Africa, and graduates are impacting communities continent-wide.



2000 grads


2,000 graduates in the next decade: Ashesi’s student enrollment grows every year. In the next decade, 2,000 additional students will complete the Ashesi education.



Thanks to donors


47% of students receive financial aid
We take pride in the fact that half of Ashesi students receive financial aid and that 29% of our students pay nothing at all for tuition, room & board or textbooks.




100% Quality Placement
100% increase in program offerings
Thanks to the launch of our new engineering program – with degrees in Mechanical, Computer and Electronic & Electrical Engineering – Ashesi’s program offerings doubled in 2015.



25% Campus Growth

25% physical campus growth
In 2015, Ashesi’s campus grew 25% thanks to donor support. Our new engineering building features mechE, electronics, science and design labs, a student lounge and auditorium. Our new 96-bed dormitory allows more students to live on campus, thereby fully engaging in the Ashesi experience.