Celebrating 2017 Christmas on the Hill

December 10, 2017
Rain in December, in Berekuso, is very unusual; and for this year’s Christmas on the Hill, ‘unusual’ couldn’t be a better description of the annual concert.

For the last six years, the annual concert, held on the Cornfield Archer courtyard, brings members of the community together one last time, to sing, dance and make merry.

This year’s concert, however, took a twist when the rains interrupted. And then, what initially became a holdout for the rain turned into an improvised concert through a combined effort of staff, faculty and students.

In the shade from the rain, and sometimes singing in the rain itself, members of the community led a spirited version of the what become a standing-only event.

“This year has been the hardest and most peculiar Christmas on the Hill to pull off, because it started raining right when the program started and basically throughout,” said Nadine Madjoub, president of the Decibels, a student-led singing band and founders of the concert. “When I saw the rain clouds gathering right before the program commenced, I hoped for a Christmas miracle and I believe I got it. Although it was raining, the program went on in different forms and we’re thankful to members of the community for that. They reminded us of what the true reason for the season is- spreading glad tidings and cheer, regardless of the situation.”

 Six years ago, the Decibels held the first ever Christmas on the Hill, initially as an end-of-year concert for the band. Over the years, the concert has grown into one of the biggest events on the school calendar, attracting local artistes and singing groups from across Ghana. It’s also a way to tie down the year’s work, ahead of the coming year.

“I feel Christmas on the Hill is important to the community because it ushers all community members into the season amid stressful final submissions and examinations,” Nadine added. “It reminds us to cast our burdens away for a second and rejoice in the season and all it brings.”

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