Apply to teach Africa’s next generation of entrepreneurial, innovative leaders

Ashesi University in Ghana announces fellowships for visiting lecturers in Computer Science and Engineering

February 1, 2019


Apply to teach Africa’s next generation of entrepreneurial, innovative leaders
Founded in 2002, Ashesi University is one of Africa’s most respected and innovative undergraduate universities, known for producing graduates of outstanding integrity, initiative, and skill.


Eligibility: Our Archer Cornfield Fellowship is competitive with leading post-doc fellowship opportunities in North America. It provides a generous stipend, accommodation on campus, an opportunity to bring a spouse or family, and transportation expenses for candidates who wish to devote a year to teaching undergraduates in Africa, with opportunities for research and scholarship. Teaching may be in a specific course in the discipline, depending on course requirement need, or it may be a course the candidate chooses to create to provide depth in student learning outcome of the discipline. We seek recent masters and doctoral graduates in electronic and electrical, mechanical, and computer engineering, and computer science (including information systems), as well as emeritus professors and faculty on sabbatical. Applicants should have an affinity for Ashesi’s instructional model, which combines seminars, labs, and hands-on projects that address complex, real-world problems.


Campus: Our modern campus features labs, classrooms, workspaces, and faculty and student housing. Ashesi lies on 100 beautifully landscaped acres, about 25 km outside of Accra, Ghana’s capital. Ghana is a friendly and stable English-speaking democracy, with a population that highly values education.


Students: Our 1,000 students are passionately committed to creating a better future for their home continent. They are selected from across Africa, with diverse religious, ethnic, national, and economic backgrounds. Around half are women, and about half receive financial aid.


Expectations: The candidate will be expected to teach a minimum of 3 courses during the fellowship year, which can be of varying combinations across the year, e.g., 1 in the fall and 2 in the spring, vice versa, or 1 in fall, spring, and summer. The course “discussions and lab” release may be dedicated to the candidate’s research or research collaboration with faculty.  The candidate is expected to spend a minimum of 40 hours a week on teaching, scholarship, innovation, and research, to be cumulated on and off campus.


Learn from and contribute to our dedicated faculty team. Ashesi University is an award-winning, not-for-profit, independent four-year university with a curriculum shaped by some of the world’s finest universities. Our partnerships in research, instruction, and student exchanges span the globe. Our mission is to educate a new generation of ethical and entrepreneurial leaders in Africa.


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