Ashesi welcomes undergraduate Class of 2026

On January 13, 2023, Ashesi welcomed the second cohort of the undergraduate class of 2026 after completing the admissions season for Ashesi’s 22nd class of undergraduate students. Due to COVID-19 relate changes in high school schedules over the past two years, Ashesi has been running a two-cohort admissions system for undergraduate classes. The first cohort of the class joins the community in September, while the second cohort joins in January. 

The two cohorts together comprise 374 students, 52% of whom are women. 49% of the class received scholarships, and 30% are first-generation university students.

“You are in a community eager to work with you to make your time here successful,” shared Dean of Student and Community Affairs, Abdul Mahdi, during the class matriculation ceremony. “Transitioning into college is challenging enough. Do not hesitate to contact any member of the community if you need help, and when another person asks for help that you can give, please do not withhold it.”

A total of sixteen countries are represented in the class of 2026, including Burundi, Congo -Kinshasa, Cote D’Ivoire, Kenya, Nigeria, South Sudan, Rwanda, Swaziland, and Angola.

“I am glad to be here at Ashesi because it’s a positive community,” said Naana Rachael Osei ’26. “I feel genuine care from everyone.”

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