Chief of Berekuso holds durbar to welcome freshman class


September 12, 2016
In a durbar held in the Berekuso town square, Nana Oteng Korankye II, chief of Berekuso welcomed the new freshmen to the town of Berekuso. As part of the durbar, the students were treated to a rich display of traditional drumming and dancing from the people of Berekuso.

In his address to the students, the chief introduced the students to some of the customs of the land, while encouraging them to work hard in school and also to impact the Berekuso community.

“Ashesi’s goal is to develop students for the nation, so as we welcome you, my advice to you, firstly, is to study hard,” he said. “We also trust that you will continue the legacy of community engagement several Ashesi students are already part of. Ashesi is home away from home, and as it is in Berekuso, we as a township will do all we can to make it as hospitable as possible.”

Ashesi moved to Berekuso, a small town of about 2500 people in 2011. In working hand in hand with the people of Berekuso to develop the town, members of the Ashesi community including staff, faculty and students volunteers in various community engagement projects in the town.

“Ashesi students engage with Berekuso in various ways,” said Jude Acquah, Coordinator, Summer & Community Engagement Programs. “Some live in hostels in the town, many procure various kinds of services and products from small businesses in the town, and many others get involved in research or service projects within the town. It’s therefore important, as part of students’ transition into Ashesi, to formally let the town and it’s leadership know that a new group of students has been admitted into Ashesi. As a matter of courtesy also, it’s an important part of the Ghanaian culture that we introduce these students to our “landlords”.

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