Homecoming 2018: Returning home to Ashesi

November 28, 2018
Unlike most Saturday mornings on campus, there was a palpable buzz on the Archer Cornfield Courtyard this particular morning. The excitement, a mix of light-hearted chatter and laughter, was from alumni and their friends streaming onto campus, many for the first time, to join in Ashesi’s Homecoming celebrations

The second in the school’s history, the event was an opportunity for alumni to reconnect with old classmates, friends and the rest of the Ashesi community.

“It’s amazing to see how much the school has grown since we left in 2013,” shared David Dei Awuku’ 13. “There has been a lot of development up here, from the Engineering block, the new basketball court, the football field, and many others. We’re proud to associate ourselves with Ashesi wherever we go. I’m looking forward to Ashesi also increasing the number of faculties so that hopefully my son who is a toddler right now, will come here one day.”

Since Ashesi opened its doors in 2002 to 30 students, the community has grown steadily, to over 1000 students and 1200 alumni.

“As we grow as a community, it’s important to provide opportunities for members, especially alumni to stay in touch with one another and Ashesi,” shared Michael Quansah, Senior Alumni and Public Relations Officer. “Homecoming provided the perfect platform to bring the entire community together to share in the spirit and mission of Ashesi. Additionally, it was important for alumni to get a present sense of how the school has grown since they left.”

An all Ashesi affair, alumni and student entrepreneurs set up stands, showcasing a range of businesses and ventures. Additionally, as part of the celebration, the Storytellers club staged their inaugural play, Romeo must die, a localised rendition of the Shakespeare romantic tragedy, Romeo and Juliet, with a Berekuso twist.

The day rounded up with the launch of the Student Centre and the Football pitch, which saw its first game, an exciting match between alumni and students. The Student Centre, dubbed “The Hive” provides multi-purpose space designed to house meeting rooms for students, offices for student leadership, cafeterias and a campus radio station

“I was as looking forward to being part of this historic event, meeting old friends and teachers,” said Joyce Boadi-Okyere ’07. “I’m glad we had this chance to come back and see Ashesi. It helps create a living legacy for the Ashesi generation.”

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