Lecturer authors chapter on national branding

In 2009, the Ghanaian government launched the Brand Ghana Initiative as part of an effort to boost Ghana’s image globally. In the years following, however, the initiative has yet to gain the widespread traction needed to be impactful. In the recent release Positioning Ghana: Challenges and Innovations, Anthony Ebow Spio, a senior lecturer in Ashesi’s Business Administration Department, co-authored a chapter that aims to provide direction on how Ghana can more effectively build and implement the branding initiative.

According to Anthony, “branding Ghana is about mobilizing Ghanaians to create a unique, strong and favorable identity that makes Ghana an attractive place for people to invest or visit or make Ghanaian products and human capital the preferred choice both locally and internationally.” At Ashesi, Anthony Spio’s students learn to create these unique, strong and favorable identities in their Strategic Branding and New Product Development classes.

Anthony is currently taking a leave of absence to pursue a Ph.D. at Oxford Brooks University, UK, funded by Ashesi University Foundation. His studies center on the development of entrepreneurial competencies in women entrepreneurs in Ghana.