Sherifatu Zakaria ‘21

Sherifatu Zakaria ‘21 is a freshman at Ashesi aspiring to study Management Information Systems (MIS). Sherifatu grew up in Tamale, in the northern region of Ghana, along with her parents, stepmother, and siblings. “My parents gave birth to thirteen of us (four boys and nine girls), including those of my stepmother’s,” shares Sherifatu. “I went to school with most of my siblings. I attended Kalpohin SDA school where I had my basic and junior high education, and Kalpohin senior high school where I studied general arts. Growing up, I had an ambition of working in Information Technology (IT), hence my interest to study MIS at Ashesi University.”

Given her closeness with her family, “coming to Ashesi was not an easy thing for me,” Sherifatu says. “Nonetheless, I am so happy and grateful to be a part of Ashesi university college, and I so far have been able to cope with the academic work to the best of my ability.”

Of the five courses Sherifatu is taking in her first semester, she has developed the strongest interest in Calculus and Introduction to Computing and Information Systems, which are providing Sherifatu with essential skills to becoming an IT expert. “In a nutshell, my experience at Ashesi has been very good and productive over the few months I have stayed here, and I have a strong conviction that by the time I graduate, I am going to become a fully transformed woman ready for the tasks that await me out there in the world of technology.”

“All the experiences I have had so far at Ashesi and the dreams I hold onto as a result would not have been possible if not for your indefatigable support. I personally want to use this opportunity to say a giant thank you to you and your team on behalf of my parents and myself for everything you are doing for me. Only Allah knows the burden you have lifted off the shoulders of my family and only He can reward you enough for your kind work. Thank you very much.”

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