Student Council leads way towards accountability


February 2, 2016
The Finance Committee of the Ashesi Student Council gave the student body the chance to critique and vote to either approve or reject the Student Council budget for the semester. Members of the committee set up boards at various points on campus, and engaged with students on how the Council plans to use Student Activities fees for the Spring 2016 semester.

“The whole point is to make the students voice heard,” said Pinamang Genfi ’17, Chairperson of the Finance Committee. “I am concerned about how money is used and students should be given a chance to have a say in what we use their money for.“

By this gesture, not only will the Student Council charge the student community towards holding their leaders accountable, but also they are able to gather ideas and contributions on a grass-roots level.

“We are working towards getting everyone involved and also being transparent,” said Kwabena Bamfo ‘17, President of the Student Council. “It is part of our job to come up with strategized ways of spending their money, but it’s up to them to okay it or not.“

“I think that the initiative is very commendable and fosters transparency,” said Sedem Banini ‘16, former Judicial and Electoral Chairperson. “It is really helpful to know that the financial committee really wants to get the approval of students and also let them know about the fees.“

The budget was approved by an overwhelming 87% of students who voted.

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