Funding an Endowment

at Ashesi

Endowments provide a reliable stream of funding to support key programs over the long term.  They provide stability, which gives university leadership the freedom to focus more on long-term strategies to create true systemic change. By creating an endowment, you can support students by providing scholarships or supporting student programs. 

You can also support faculty by creating endowed faculty positions or supporting teaching, scholarship, and research endowments. Or you can support the University's general operations and its innovative programs including the Education Collaborative and the Ghana Climate Innovation Center and more. Creating an endowment is an opportunity to build a lasting legacy and support the educational programs you care about in perpetuity at Ashesi.

Endowed gifts are invested, with the generated income used to fund the program you choose.  This means that the principal gift continues to grow over time and generate a steady, reliable source of income in perpetuity.

For this reason, many donors choose to name endowments: to honor family members, an influential professor, or mentor; preserve the name of their family foundation; or create a personal legacy.  Endowment gifts at institutions like Ashesi University endure for generations; and  help to ensure that adequate provision is made for the students, faculty and facilities of today and tomorrow.

The best way to learn more about endowments is to talk with someone on our advancement team, who can talk with you about your interests and help you create an endowment that will make a difference for generations to come.  To reach someone on our team, please contact the foundation team at and +1.206.545.6988.


In order to support the growth of Ashesi’s fundraising capacity, 5% of all donor-restricted gifts are used to support 
administrative and fundraising expenses at Ashesi University Foundation.