Foundation Trustee makes contribution in honor of Ashesi faculty

Pictured: Reggie Brown

As the son of an educator, Reggie Brown developed a deep appreciation for the impact of great teachers early. His interest in Ghana was inspired by his 6th grade teacher, who had just returned from the Peace Corps, and loved to share with the class his passion for Africa and, specifically, Ghana. “What inspired me to get involved with Ashesi is my own strong passion about the power of transformative education,” Reggie shared. “I thought Ashesi was one of the most profound educational vehicles that I had ever seen, and I just wanted to be a part of it in whatever way I could.”

A longtime supporter and advocate of Ashesi, Reggie has been deeply involved in Ashesi for many years. As a volunteer, he has taught as a guest professor, judged Capstone class projects, and coached students. He also sits on the Advisory Board for the Ashesi Entrepreneurship Center and serves as the Chair of the Board of the Ashesi University Foundation. As a donor, Reggie is particularly proud of the impact of his giving to the Entrepreneurship Fund, which supports student projects and helps students make their business ideas a reality. “I have a little slogan – ‘feed passion’. I want to be known as someone who fed the passion of others so that they could reach the goals they had for themselves.”


“I find that Ashesi faculty have immense drive, love, and determination among them to give 

students the best experiences that they can.


Reggie has a high regard for Ashesi faculty and appreciates that they give of themselves and go the extra mile to develop positive, meaningful relationships with students. “I find that Ashesi faculty have immense drive, love, and determination among them to give the students the best experiences that they can,” he noted. In honor of his many contributions, the University’s faculty lounge has been named after Reggie and his wife, Amelia. They hope others will see this lounge and also consider how they can also support faculty efforts and initiatives.

In the future, Reggie expects Ashesi to continue as a leading voice in higher education on the continent, and that its focus on values, ethics and entrepreneurship will become standard elements of many higher education institutions. “I feel that the accomplishments of Ashesi today and in the future will far exceed the expectations of people who choose to put their own resources into this wonderful school.”


Reggie is the former CEO of All Property Management, the leading online lead generation company in the US for the residential real estate industry. Reggie is also actively involved with several nonprofits, in addition to Ashesi. 


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