Students team up with activist photographer Fabrice Monteiro in photo shoot

Ashesi_Frabriceshoot_bannerOctober 28, 2016
October 12, 2016, Agbobloishie, Accra – A group of students from Ashesi joined activist photographer, Fabrice Monterio, to shoot the latest installment of his photo series, The Prophecy. The widely-acclaimed photo-series highlights climate concerns, from ocean waste to careless consumer culture and wrongful disposal of plastic bags. His work is presented through haunting visuals, which he “hopes will spark a discussion”.

In continuing with the photo-series, started in Dakar, Senegal, Monteiro was in Ghana to shoot the 11th image of the series in Agbobloshie, Ghana’s largest e-waste dumpsite. Working with students from Ashesi, his focus was to highlight the severity of environmental degradation at the dumpsite.

“The goal is to start conversations on the environment among the youth and those directly involved in the activities at Agbobloshie,” said Fabrice. “Hopefully the public will become aware of the pollution and also the manufacturing potential within the scrapyard.“

[Model: Emma Forson ’19, Photography Credit: Fabrice Monteiro]

Working with Fabrice, the students had first hand experience using art as a tool for activism. “It’s incredible how much effort was put into staging this for the sake of the environment,” said Emma Forson ’19, who modeled for the shoot. “The spectacle it created here in Agbogboshie was important as people got to observe first hand the message we’re trying to send out. It’s exciting to have been a part of this.”

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