Ashesi Scholarships – Making a World-Class Education Possible.

Exceptional leaders come from many backgrounds and Ashesi scholarships ensure that high-performing students can experience a life-changing Ashesi education, regardless of their ability to pay.

The Ashesi admissions process is “need blind”, which allows it to focus on identifying the students who demonstrate the most leadership potential, community engagement, resilience, and extra-curricular activities in addition to exceptional academic merit. Once students are selected to attend, their financial situation is considered and need-based scholarships are distributed. This method helps maintain the vibrant diversity of the Ashesi community, and ensures that more of the top students have an opportunity to attend.

Students can receive one of two types of scholarships based on financial need: partial scholarships and comprehensive scholarships. A partial scholarship can cover between 30%-100% of a student’s tuition and housing costs, while a comprehensive scholarship covers the entire cost of an Ashesi education including tuition, housing, stipends, health insurance, travel, and laptop.


You can make a difference
Gifts of all sizes make a difference. The Ashesi scholarship fund is used strategically by the admissions committee to support both full or partial scholarships, but also for emergency scholarships for students who face unexpected hardship, or to supplement scholarships with additional support for housing, meals, and extracurricular expenses.

Donors can make a gift of any size to the Ashesi scholarship fund. Donors who make a non-endowed gift of $60,000 or more have the option to create a named scholarship (i.e. the Kofi Mensah Scholarship) and be matched with a student receiving a scholarship, who will serve as their student ambassador (the Kofi Mensah Scholar) and provide periodic updates on their experience for four years. Named scholarships can be created for students in underserved categories, including women, international students, or students from a particular country or region.

With a gift of $100,000 or more, donors can create a named endowed scholarship and with a gift of $400,000 or more, can create an endowed presidential scholarship. Endowed scholarship gifts are invested, and the investment income is used to fund scholarships, opening doors to an Ashesi education in perpetuity. As with a named scholarship, donors who create endowed scholarships can specify a preference for supporting students in underserved categories and are also matched with a student ambassador who provides a report on their experience annually. You can learn more about endowments on our website here:

Please note that in order to support the growth of Ashesi’s fundraising capacity, 5% of all scholarship gifts are used to support administrative and fundraising expenses at Ashesi University Foundation.


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